Britannia Group to attend MIPIM 2017

Britannia Group to attend MIPIM 2017!!

Britannia Group Directors; Awais Shahid and Ibrahim Jamil are set to attend this year’s MIPIM 2017 and join the other 20,000 participants heading to the annual property convention in Cannes, France.

Among other key talks, this year willsee discussions surrounding the impact on the Brexit issue, something that investors seem particularly concerned about. In preparation for the convention investor and property professionals were invited to choose their topics of preference for the summit. Brexit was a clear top choice This year’s MIPIM hosted by Reed MIDEM have two plannedBrexit back-to-back conference sessions. Once solely looking from the UK perspective, in particular what is in play for London in the coming year and the second a more holistic and global viewpoint; who will be the losers and indeed the winners of the negotiations worldwide.

Partly due to Brexit, partly due to the recent US election result and partly due to global modernisation, clear geopolitical instability and societal changes are forcingproperty professionals to understand their businesses in a different manner and face these new challenges in a proactive fashion. Filippo Rean, director of MIPIM has set the theme for this year’s MIPIM as ‘A New Deal for Real Estate’ covering the below four key challenges:

  • Urban planning in combination with population growth; how will the impact of 8.5 billion people on earth with 60% of them living in cities affect design and construction?
  • How will efficiency of resources be managed by developers when energy demands will grow 40% and half the worlds population living in areas of high water stress?
  • Global power changes; Brexit, US, French. German and Italian elections- how will these changes impact governance, global cooperation and importantly investment?
  • How will the rapid growth of digitisation modify the way real estate professionals are working?

Needless to say Awais and Ibrahim will be eager to hear more about all the issues facing property professionals in the coming year to ensure Britannia Group remains at the forefront of the industry, not to mention the abundance of quality networking opportunity over the 4 days. Ibrahim commented, ‘We look forward to seeing other attendees there and making new connections and promoting our investment opportunities to the world’s property elite’.

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