Property is well known as a sound investment option. However, inexperienced investors without the right team in place can turn an investment into a liability. Having built a well respected multi-million pound portfolio, Britannia Group are the perfect partners to select, develop and manage your investment.

Britannia Group are experienced with international investors. The UK is an inviting and prosperous country to invest in, with fantastic investor returns and regulation to help protect investment, giving a great chance of success.

Britannia Group are highly competent and together with their long standing connections in the industry, can research opportunities, advise profitable investments and manage developments on your behalf.

Britannia Group’s exceptional record and reputation provides you with the confidence to invest safely. First time buyer or practiced and proficient property stakeholder, whatever your investment vision, Britannia Group can assist you to bring that vision to a reality.


Fully fund a development project. Your return would work similarly to a bank loan. An agreed amount of interest on the total capital lent for a project.

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Jointly fund a development project. Your return would be based on a pre agreed percentage of the total profit gained from the final development. Joint Ventures are not limited to funding. If you have development land that you require assistance with, Britannia Group can provide expertise to maximise the land’s potential.

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Buy one of our newly developed commercial or BTR stock as a personal investment. We can even find a tenant for you and manage the property moving forward.

Please note that we at the Britannia Property Group aim to achieve a minimum of 20% profit margin on any building project.

We also offer asset management services, where Britannia Property Group can source or acquire suitable properties on your behalf. Not only in the UK, but also among EU Member States and much further afield. Whether you wish to convert a shop into offices in Dukinfield or Dubai, we shall be of assistance.

We are open to new ideas and welcome applications from young entrepreneurs. We encourage them to share their ideas with Britannia Group and prepare a pitch for investment. Once satisfied with the pitch and business plan, we can provide the necessary support and suitable office space for their venture. If you know somebody who could be the next Peter Davis or Deborah Meaden, please drop us a line.